Our Spring Quarterly Box, Dark Mythologie is SOLD OUT! Boxes are now set to ship mid-May due to a couple of shipping delays. Any open Literary Lovers orders are going out this week (5/2). The reveal of the summer box theme is coming after the spring box ships!

Highmoor Manor

Highmoor Manor

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"Flushed with starlight and moonlight drowned,

All the dreamers are castle-bound.

At midnight’s stroke, we will unwind,

Revealing fantasies soft or unkind.

Show me debauched nightmares or sunniest daydreams.

Come not as you are but as you wish to be seen.”

- Erin A. Craig

Get lost in the dark and magical world of House of Salt and Sorrows with this custom designed candle. This candle is designed to conjure a rocky fishing island, set again a tumultuous sea and a manor on the cliffs full of mystery and darkest desires. Attend decadent balls, and dance until your shoes fall to pieces with Highmoor Manor. The candle is the gray blue of storm clouds upon the ocean and is topped with a glitter that shimmers like the surface of an angry sea. The scent notes are dark berries, ozone, and briny air. Get tossed among the waves with Highmoor Manor. 

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