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Moonstone Palace

Moonstone Palace

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"He was smiling at me. And looked so un-High-Lord-like with the glowing dust on the side of his face that I grinned back.

I hadn't even realized what I'd done until his own smile faded, his mouth parted slightly. 'Smile again,' he whispered.

I hadn’t smiled for him. Ever. Or laughed. Under the Mountain, I had never grinned, never chuckled. And afterward…

And this male before me…my friend…For all that he had done, I have never given him either. Even when I had just…I had just painted something. On him. For him.
I'd—painted again.

So I smiled at him, broad and without restraint.
'You’re exquisite,' he breathed.' "

- A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas

Inspired by the magical palace atop the court of nightmares to which Rhysand whisks Feyre after her ill-fated wedding to Tamlin goes south, this candle was meant to inspire the darkness, magic, and romance that faerie stories are made of. Moonstone Palace is a white, coconut soy candle topped with moonstone-colored opalescent glitter. The scent notes are everything Feyre & Rhysand are made of - ripe pear, hanging lilac, buttery pastry, sea, night blooming jasmine, and citrus. The resulting aroma is a sensual aphrodisiac worthy of the dreamy palace for which it is named and the romance it sparked. Escape to the glittering world of the Night Court and it's alluring High Lord & Lady with Moonstone Palace.


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